Additional Material (Links for Further Study)

In addition to the information shared here, these links may help anyone interested in further learning:

The Lake of Fire
A scriptural examination of the Lake of Fire, taking a look at the difference between fire from the carnal understanding, and fire from the spiritual understanding. This is installment 6 which specifically fire in relation to God. This is the main website:

The Good Purpose in God's Judgment
Is God a torturer or a redeemer? Why does God find it necessary to punish people? This is part 3 of the a larger study into the purpose of God's wise judgments.

A Rebuttal to the Vine's Dictionary definition of "aionios"
This page is a deeper study of arguments, for students of the Word or anyone else interested, against the fact that eon-ian punishment must mean eternal punishment.

The Purpose of the Law
Many people speak about the Law of Moses (the 10 Commandments in part). This is a study in why the Commandments were given to the Israelites and how human kind has been freed from the condemnation of the Letter by the Spirit.